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Company Policy
Preface :
When it comes to Medical Equipments SSTPL is the ideal Partner. With a wide variety of equipments in our range of products the company is focussed on providing only the best.

Company Policy :
An Organisation‘s Policies, Practises, Traditions, Philosophical Belief, and ways of doing things combine to create a distinctive culture. Typically, The stronger the company‘s culture, The more that culture is likely to shape the strategic moves. Strong cultural influences account for why SSTPL has gained reputation for such strategic traits as leadership in technology and product innovation, dedication to superior craftsmanship and a desire to grow rapidly. SSTPL is market driven and believes in functional excellence, combined with teamwork.

We believe that honesty, integrity and fairness should be the cornerstone of our relationship with Consumers, Customers, Suppliers and Employees. We understand the every business has an ethical duty towards each of five constituencies: Owners, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and the community at Large. Our Profit Is Customer Satisfaction.