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CPAP Machine

A CPAP Machine is designed to increase lung protection and support breathing. We are amongst the leading manufacturers of medical equipment including CPAP for neonates. It is paramount to choose the best machines from the top manufacturers of medical equipment who ensure the best quality as well as you can trust them for their products. SST CPAP ensures that the neonate does not have airway closure. The basic function of a CPAP is to increase airway passage for proper breathing. The healthcare manufacturer has to ensure that its product is as soft and tender as the newborn. SST CPAP makes sure that it works on the baby accurately as well as kindly We ensure the best functioning of the healthcare organizations associated with us by providing them with the best medical equipment.

Top Quality CPAP machines buy in Kenya

We manufacture top-notch quality Bubble CPAP machine and deliver to our clients with ease. It is friendly with the advanced technological features so as to make the treatment process reliable and easy for the healthcare organization. Neonatal continuous positive airway pressure support system with nasal or nasal congestion CPAP (Nasal-CPAP) will continue to positive air flow into the airway CPAP ventilator. Refers to the spontaneous breathing conditions, the patient should have a stable respiratory drive force and the appropriate tidal volume, in the entire breathing cycle of artificial imposition of a certain degree of positive airway pressure, which is conducive to prevent airway collapse, increase the functional residual capacity , Improve lung compliance, and improve oxygenation. In this mode, the ventilator only maintains a certain positive airway pressure, without mechanical ventilation. For spontaneous breathing of the newborn, to provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support. We manufacture the best quality CPAP machines equipped with all the modern and advanced features. We are the most trusted brand manufacturing medical equipment amongst the healthcare organizations.

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