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Infant Open Care System

Infant Open Care System

Open Care System prevent an Infant

Open care system is the other name given to incubator which is a closed unit, easy access to the infant is not possible and sometimes sanitation also becomes a concern, Open care system comes to rescue of little patients who are dealing with lack of thermo regulation first after birth.

A balanced infant temperature required

Newborn infants, premature infants and low weight neonates are basically put under open care system which comprises of quartz heating element or ceramic as desired by the doctor, to regulate the heat of the infant placed on the baby bassenet below the measure of heat is managed and balanced by the circuit on the control panel, that displays infant temperature required temperature for the baby and in some models air temperature.

Open care system constitution of:

  • Heater (Ceramic or Quartz rod)
  • Control panel
  • Probe
  • Bassenet
  • Shelves/Boxes (depending on model)

SST Models of open care system:-

  • Tiana (DX)
  • Tiana (D)
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