| An ISO 13485 : 2003 |
Advance micro processor controlled system with self check on the electronic circuitry skin / Air Manual control.
Digital display of baby temperature .
Manual / Servo  control modes provide the clinician more flexibility while optimizing the thermal environment.
In addition the skin / Air temperature display is larger than the other set temperature display.
Skin temperature can be converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit by the push of a button.
The spacious baby bed incorporates easy drop down sides for maximum access to the baby.
The control panel is also the heart for a completely integrated alarm system with both audible and visual indicators in the  event of
• Probe fail                         • Skin High                         • Skin Low
• Power Fail                       • Heater Fail

Manual Mode
Facility of converting the warmer from servo mode to manual mode for non-stop working of the unit.
Heater Assembly
The heater assembly located above the centre of the support structure consists of an integral examination light and a 650 watts heating system (Silica or quartz /Ceramic Heater) for quick warming and even distribution of heat on the baby bed. The heater can be swivelled in either direction for taking X-ray and doing procedures.

The system is fitted with 4" high quality castors having brakes in front 2 castors. Antistatic castors (Optional)
Baby Bed
The spacious baby bed incorporates easy drop down/ fold down glasses for maximum access to the patient.
Optional: X-Ray facility is provided below the baby bed for taking X-ray of the baby without disturbing.
Technical Specification   
Height                   1850mm  
Length                  1050mm  
Width                    650mm

Electrical Specification (IEC complaint)
Power supply - 200V / 50Htz
Heater Power - 650 Watts
Fuse - 5 Amp.

Highlight of the product
The unit is designed in such a way that the main control system can be swivelled to the other side for access from all the four sides to the patient in critical condition.
option : weighing scale     
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