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Neonatal Resuscitation Unit

Neonatal Resuscitation Unit

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A neonatal resuscitation unit is the most advanced device to ventilate a neonate with less than 5kg body weight, because of its mechanical expansion feature and easy to use. It can be used without an extra power source or pressurized gas, which is mainly significant in low-resource surroundings.
For babies who don’t begin breathing in spite of careful drying and added stimulation, positive-pressure aeration using a self-inflating unit and mask should be started within 1 minute after the birth.

The steps below serve as a common guide:
  • Easy process supports manual aeration. With a face mask adjust on the newborn baby, the user can control the inhalation time effortlessly by managing the T-shaped flow valve.
  • Fixed peak inhalation pressure (PIP) and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) is adjusted each at a regular level throughout resuscitation to make sure protection of the baby.
  • The Neonatal Open Care System supports manual aeration in different conditions. As well to manual aeration through a face mask, the unit is also helpful in managing free-flowing oxygen and supplying manual aeration through an end tracheal tube.
  • Optional CPR Timer rings on every 30 seconds point to the time to judge the neonate's conditions. As well, the second part adds up 6 seconds by rotating the lamps individually to evaluate the baby's heart beats.

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