| An ISO 13485 : 2003 |
Infant Resuscitator (RESP-23)
Infant Resuscitator :

• It is mainly used on delivery room, baby wards, NICU that the baby's maximum weight up to 10KG
• Inside an alarm system of differential pressure. When alarming, the safety valve starts automatically and produces the mixture gas continuously to ensure the safety of patients
• Adjust the Oxygen concentration from 21% to 100% optionally
• The range of flow adjustment is 5LPM~15LPM.
• The MAX-P and PIP are safe, controlled and accurate.
• The PEEP is constant and accurate.
• Simple operation and flexible application.
• The output pressure would not be influenced by the operator experience, training, attention and fatigue.

Technical parameter :
• Pressure gauge: -2~10kPa (-20~100cmH2O).
• MAX-P: @0~15LPM ≤6kPa (60cmH2O).
• PIP: @5~15LPM 0.2~5.7kPa (2~57cmH2O).
• PEEP: @5~15LPM 0.03~2.3kPa (0.3~23cmH2O).
• RESP-17: cover with inbuilt Air/oxygen blender.
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