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Infant oxygen hood

A premature is an infant that needs extra care than other newborns. These babies are generally kept in the neonatal intensive care unit where doctors and the staff take extra care of the baby. We are the leading manufacturers of medical equipment which are specially designed for the infants who need extra care. We manufacture the best quality medical equipment which matches the international standard. SST oxygen hood is an excellent solution to problems encountered during oxygen delivery and environmental control. It is designed to have a convenient top port which accommodates temperature and oxygen sensors. SST oxygen hood is designed with a transparent material that allows total visibility of infant from all the angles. We know that the infant have sensitive skin and hence SST infant oxygen hood has soft padded neck opening which is gentle to the skin of the little ones. We manufacture affordable medical equipment which is trusted by thousands of healthcare organizations. We manufacture the best oxygen hood having the best features. We are friendly with the advanced technology and hence we manufacture our products keeping in mind the latest technology equipped with amazing features. We manufacture oxygen hood which is disposable and easy to use.

Best Infant Oxygen Hood System

With SST oxygen hood, the toils of inter-use cleaning, physical tracking, and regular buildup testing can be eliminated. We make sure that our products are safe for kids. We have gained the trust of thousands of healthcare organizations by supplying the best medical equipment. We manufacture reliable medical equipment including the oxygen hood. SST oxygen hood is designed so as to conserve the resources and time of the staff of healthcare organizations. We manufacture top-notch quality medical equipment having advanced features. We deliver the best quality products in stipulated time. We manufacture high-quality products which provide a cost-effective solution to the healthcare organizations.

The oxygen hood is manufactured with a transparent material so that the neonate can be seen clearly from outside and his action can be observed by the hospital staff. SST oxygen hood has an ability of distribution of gases and flushing out of carbon dioxide. We design the best-shaped oxygen hood having easy design flow that can be used by all the members of the healthcare organizations effectively. We offer the best oxygen hood system for the healthcare organizations having the best quality and advanced features so as to provide a safe, secure and cost-effective solution.

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