| An ISO 13485 : 2003 |
How to use Instrument sterlitzer

Ultraviolet germicidal cabinet provides a safe and convenient means of sanitizing all small instruments, utensils. stethoscopes, vacuum suction glassware, make up sponges, bandages etc. Which cannot be sterilized in the steam sterilizers these can be placed in the ultraviolet cabinet after cleaning them from an antiseptic solution I disinfectant in which the sterilization is carried out by short-wave Ultra violet radiation generated by 8 watt germicidal tube.

Ultra Violet Sterilizer can be effectively installed at different place. At medical sites like Operation theater. ICCU, ICU. NICU. Post Operative wards. Trauma Wards. Mortuary etc. Suitable for small laboratories where bacteria-free air is desired. At homes in a closed room specially for allergic patients suffering from Respiratory diseases like Asthma. Can also be used for the patients suffering from AIDS. TB to protect them from infections. Ideally suited in Dental clinic. Physicians clinic to guard against cross infections from patients.
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